Coloring Books For Halloween Fun

Coloring Books for Halloween are Perfect for Quiet Time Fun

halloween coloring books Coloring books for Halloween are a super great way to get into the Halloween spirit,  woooo the ghost kind that is. But seriously what says Halloween more than candy or building a jack-o-lantern? I just love coloring candy in my Halloween coloring books!  So what do jack-o-lanterns have to do with Halloween activity books? Well, some of the jack-o-lanterns in the Halloween activity books might be shaped like jack-o-lanterns but it is up to you to give them a face. That is why I love getting ready for Halloween, with coloring books for Halloween, and Halloween activity books. Here are a few so you can see how cool and fun they are too!

Hurry and pick a few, Halloween will be here soon!

Halloween Coloring and Activity Books

Here is that super selection of coloring books for Halloween. I picked these because they look like they would be loads of fun.

I would love to check out the 3-D Halloween coloring book to see exactly how that would work.

And of course, Scooby-Doo has to be my favorite.

Although that Barbie Halloween coloring book is close behind, I mean just look at all those stickers! ( over 50 of them! )
Who am I kidding? I like them all!

Whimsical Halloween Coloring Book: Witches, Vampires Kitties and More!Disney Halloween coloring bookScooby-Doo - Halloween Coloring and Activity BookHalloween Coloring Book for Kids: 30 High Quality Designs About Halloween (Ghosts, Frankenstein, Werewolf, Witch etc)Halloween Coloring BookScooby-Doo Halloween Coloring & Activity BookSpooky Cute - Another Whimsical Halloween Coloring Book: Witches, Vampires, Kitties and More!Sesame Street Happy Halloween Jumbo Coloring & Activity BookSesame Street Happy Halloween Jumbo Coloring & Activity BookA Spook-tacular Halloween! (Barbie) (Big Coloring Book) by Mary Man-Kong (2015-07-28)3-D Coloring Book--Happy Halloween (Dover 3-D Coloring Book)


My Favorite Crayons, Pencils And Markers

Now it’s kind of hard to color in a coloring book if you don’t have any crayons. So I thought that even though crayons aren’t Halloween’y, I would share my favorites with you. But you might prefer  pencils, nice smooth pencils. So here are my favorite pencils too. But of course we can’t forget markers. Do you like markers? Why am I  asking you? I can’t hear you. Can I? No, I can’t. So just in case the answer is yes, here are some markers too.

My Favorite Crayons For Halloween Coloring Books

Crayola Crayons 24 ct (Pack of 2)

Why are Crayola crayons my favorite crayons? Whenever I try to color with other crayons I get a headache and my eyes burn, but when I use Crayola crayons that does not happen. And when you use most other crayons they leave bits of crayon behind, but Crayola crayons don’t do that and they color a lot more smoothly. Crayola crayons also come in such cool colors like neon and metallic, sparkly and even multicolored. They have lots of cool kinds of crayons too, like Twistables which are a lot of fun to color with. Well, that’s why Crayola crayons are my favorite crayons. Here are some Crayola crayons, the good old 24 pack and lots of other cool kinds to add a little something to your Halloween pictures.

Crayola Crayons

Well, of course, I love to color with the Crayola 24 pack, but sometimes I like to add a little pizzazz with these other fun crayons.

The Crayola 24 pack of Twistables Crayons really bring some pizzazz to your picture. With 8 metallic crayons, 8 neon crayons and 8 multi-colored crayons. WOW! Those are some cool crayons!

The Crayola 8 pack of Large Crayons are the perfect thing for younger children. Those who are just starting to color will find these fun and easier to hold.

The Crayola Ultimate Crayon Case makes it easier to see all of your colors without dumping them out all over the floor or table. It also comes with a sharpener so you can easily keep your crayons sharp. The best part would be that you get 152 colors!

My First Crayola Crayons are easy for Toddlers to hold and they will enjoy coloring with these cute characters.

When I think of Halloween, I think sparkles! So, the Crayola 16 pack of Glitter Crayons, is the perfect way to add some sparkle to your Halloween picture. A fun tip. if you color over the same spot a few times it will become more sparkly.

With the Crayola Ultimate Crayon Bucket, there are 200 crayons, in which you get 100 different colors. But if you are like me, I’m just not sure if 200 would be enough crayons.

Crayola Twistables Fun Effects CrayonsCrayola Twistables Fun Effects CrayonsGlitter Crayons 16-PackGlitter Crayons 16-PackCrayola 8ct Large Crayons Tuck BoxCrayola 8ct Large Crayons Tuck BoxCrayola Washable Crayons 8 ctCrayola Washable Crayons 8 ctMy First Crayola Crayons Pack of 4 CharactersMy First Crayola Crayons Pack of 4 CharactersCrayola Ultimate Crayon Case, 152-CrayonsCrayola Ultimate Crayon Case, 152-CrayonsCrayola Ultimate Crayon Bucket 200 CrayonsCrayola Ultimate Crayon Bucket 200 CrayonsCrayola 60th Anniversary 64 Count Crayon Set with Collectible Tin, Amazon ExclusiveCrayola 60th Anniversary 64 Count Crayon Set with Collectible Tin, Amazon Exclusive

My Favorite Colored Pencils For Halloween Coloring Books

Crayola colored pencils are the perfect thing for Halloween coloring, because they have some pretty cool colors like silver,gold and teal. They color smoothly too. And you know what? Colored pencils are the perfect way to color the small spots in your coloring books for Halloween. Here is a cool pack  so you can check them out. Hope you have fun Happy Halloween!

BIN688054 - Crayola Colored Wood Pencil TrayolaBIN688054 – Crayola Colored Wood Pencil Trayola

My Favorite Markers For Halloween Coloring Books

Markers are the perfect way to add a bit of color to your Halloween coloring books. My favorite markers are Crayola markers. They make it easier to color bigger spots in your Halloween coloring books, for instance since the sky is so big you can color it so much easier with the bigger markers.

Here is a cool pack of markers that I really like. It comes with a stand and they are a little shorter than the regular markers, and you get 50 of them. There are many other markers you can get as well, like small markers, gel, metallic and even sparkly.

Crayola 588750 Pip-Squeaks Telescoping Marker Tower, Assorted Colors (Set of 50)Crayola 588750 Pip-Squeaks Telescoping Marker Tower, Assorted Colors (Set of 50)

Endless Halloween Fun with even more Coloring Books for Halloween

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