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Disney Evil Queen Costumes

Disney Evil Queen Costumes

Are You the Fairest One of All?

disney evil queen costumesMirror mirror on the wall which evil queen costume ideas are the fairest of all? Look at all of the different Disney Evil Queen Costumes styles there are.  I think the hardest part of becoming the Evil Queen will be deciding which one. Of course I will always favor the classic Disney Evil Queen costumes, I have to admit the modern styles do look a bit more fun.

The Evil Queen is actually quite beautiful with her slender figure, pale skin, and thin, high, arched eyebrows.
She creates a stunning queenly image in her royal purple gown.

Her personality on the other hand is something that is much less desirable.
She is heartless and cruel.

This Disney Villain is quite scheming and devious in her plot to stay the fairest in all of the land.

If you are feeling particularly wicked this Halloween you may want to transform yourself into this evilest of all queens.

Which of these Disney Evil Queen costumes will you choose? Are you a more of a classic Evil Queen, or maybe a more modern and sexy Evil Queen?
Whichever one of these Disney Evil Queen costumes you choose, I hope you have a frightfully good time!

 Disneys Classic Snow White EVIL Queen Costume Evil Queen Adult Costume deluxe – Medium California Costumes Women’s Wicked Queen Adult, Black/Purple, Wicked Queen – X-Large – Dress Size Disguise Disney Evil Queen Sassy Costume, Purple/Black, InCharacter Costumes Evil Queen, Black/Purple, X-Small Mystery House Women’s Evil Queen, Black/Purple/Gold Underwraps Costumes Women’s Mirror Mirror Dress Costume


Disney Evil Queen Accessories

A great costume is a key ingredient to a magical transformation into the evil queen, but the accessories that you add makes for a lot of added fun. When I choose jewelry accessories I always look for items that I would wear anytime so that I get extra use out of them. Here are a few accessories for your Disney Evil Queen Costumes that you may like to consider.

 Disney Snow White Evil Queen Costume Crown Snow White and The Huntsman Queen Ravenna’s Crown

 Disney Women’s Evil Queen Silver Dial Silver-Tone Charm Watch DaisyJewel Golden Delicious Red Asymmetrical Snow White Poison Apple Crystal Stud Earrings Mirror Mirror On The Wall Necklace Silver Tone Snow White Poison Apple Charm Pendant

Ivenf Queen Mirror, Red Vintage Royal Handheld Mirror

Disney Evil Queen Makeup to Complete Your Look

Makeup is the secret ingredient to a total and realistic evil queen transformation. I love that this line of makeup can be used for all kinds of looks anytime of the year.

 Disney Villains Cast a Spell Beauty Book, Evil Queen Disney Villains Lashes – Evil Queen Wet n Wild Disney Villians Jealous Blush, Evil Queen Wet n Wild Disney Villians Matte Lipstick, Evil Queen


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