Disney Spooktacular Halloween Wall Clocks

Timeless Halloween Decor

I am so excited about these Disney Halloween Wall Clocks and cannot wait to get mine! We love to change our decor for each season and also decorate for most holidays. It is fun to have a fresh new look every so often. If you think about it quality Halloween wall clocks are a timeless treasure that can be enjoyed for many years to come. Until now I have not found the perfect Halloween wall clock to change out our simple everyday clock each year. Not only are all of these Disney Halloween wall clocks unique Halloween decorations, but they are also great collector’s items for any Disney fan.

Disney Spooktacular Halloween Cuckoo ClockDisney Spooktacular Halloween Cuckoo Clock

Enter the Disney Spooktakular Halloween Cuckoo Clock. Oh my goodness, this clock is absolutely adorable in addition to being totally fun too.

The details are amazing from the 9 spooky Disney characters to the bat weather vane on the top of the haunted house. There is even tiny little fall leaves on the ground. You really have to click on the photo and go see these details up close. This Disney gang is having so much Halloween fun.

Another spooky detail is the clock face itself. It has a cobweb background and bat wins for the hands and the swinging pendulum features another spooky cobweb.

My favorite part of this Disney clock is that on the hour the mansion’s lights start flickering and spooky music plays.

This is definitely one of the best not so spooky decorations that is being added to our collection. It reminds me of all the fun that my granddaughter and I have had at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.


Halloween Wall Clocks That Are Not Just For Halloween


Disney Villain Wall Clock
Disney Classic Villains Wall Clock With Lights And MusicDisney Classic Villains Wall Clock With Lights And Music

Do you love the Disney Villains? Then you probably will love this Disney Villain Clock. I have it on a Halloween page but don’t let that stop you from keeping it up year round. You have to admit that it does make a pretty spooky Halloween wall clock though.

Look at the dramatic effect the seven villains lend to this wonderfully detailed Disney wall clock. I love how the Magic Mirror is the clock face, you really have to click the pick and see the detail of this spooky mirror. The swinging pendulum captures the essence of this clock perfectly with the words “Timeless Treachery”.

At the stroke of midnight, (and every other hour too), dramatic color changing lights light up and villainous music plays.





The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock
The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo ClockThe Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock

Nightmare Before Christmas fans you really have to check out this fun Disney Cuckoo Clock.

It makes a wonderful Halloween wall clock as on the hour not only does Zero pop in and out of the doors atop Town Hall but “This is Halloween” music plays too. Flip the switch and add eery glowing lights to the windows, ghosts, and pumpkins.

I love how the Town Hall clock face looks just like the Town Hall clock from the film with a spider web design and it’s numbers slightly off-kilter.

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