Adult Ursula Costumes for a Ruling the Seas Kind of Night

Half-Human – Half Octopus- All Evil Villain

Adult Ursula Costumes
 Adult Ursula Costumes take you from a poor unfortunate soul to a clever, confident sea witch within a matter of minutes.

Ursula is one of Disney’s top Villains because of her role in The Little Mermaid. She is actually a sea witch that is half human and half octopus.

I love how one of these Ursula costumes can take care of the half octopus look so effortlessly. Now the purple skin, aqua eyelids, bright red lips, and white hair may take a bit more effort.  Therefore we have included some make-up and accessory suggestions to help you out resulting in a chance at some creative make-up fun.

Because Ursula is full of flair and flamboyance she is a wonderfully fun character to portray. Just choose one of these Adult Ursula Costumes, a few accessories, and some makeup up. You will then be all set to overthrow King Triton and rule the oceans. Oh, what fun you can have!


 Adult Ursula Costumes

Adult Sea Witch Octopus CostumeAdult Sea Witch Octopus Costume


Disney The Little Mermaid ~ Sassy UrsulaDisney The Little Mermaid ~ Sassy UrsulaWomen's Dress for The little mermaid Sea Witch UrsulaWomen’s Dress for The little mermaid Sea Witch Ursula


Beautiful Ursula Necklace

Where else will you keep the Little Mermaid’s voice?

This is an essential piece to finish off all authentic Little Mermaid Ursula costumes. This beautiful necklace features a real shell on a silk cord with a metal clasp. You can enjoy wearing this great piece anytime, even when you return to human form.

Shell Necklace Inspired by UrsulaShell Necklace Inspired by Ursula

Little Mermaid Ursula Makeup to Complete Your Look

Snazaroo Classic Face Paint, LilacSnazaroo Classic Face Paint, LilacSnazaroo Classic Face Paint, Pale BlueSnazaroo Classic Face Paint, Pale BlueMaybelline Master Precise All Day Liquid EyelinerMaybelline Master Precise All Day Liquid EyelinerStargazer Pressed Powder Eye Shadow-Sea BlueStargazer Pressed Powder Eye Shadow-Sea BlueL.A. Colors 5 Color Matte Eyeshadow, Black LaceL.A. Colors 5 Color Matte Eyeshadow, Black LaceMaybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid LipstickMaybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid LipstickOrly Color Blast Disney Villains Ursula Duo Kit - Poor Unfortunate SoulsOrly Color Blast Disney Villains Ursula Duo Kit – Poor Unfortunate Souls

Little Mermaid Ursula Costume Makeup Tutorial

Here is a great tutorial on how to totally transform from your human self into the evil villain Ursula. Be prepared for some frightening results!

Little Mermaid Ursula Costume Wig

Are you lacking Ursula’s fabulous hairdo? No problem, just pick up her wig. It is the quickest way to get her crazy hair!

MSHUI Short Silver White Cosplay Wig Anime Hair



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